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Show Recent Sales Notifications

Use the power of social proof to increase your sales.

We’ll help you use the power of social proof to increase sales on your website by adding recent sales notifications to your website, it helps establish “social proof” with your visitors.

Social proof is the natural psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of others. You might also know it as “wisdom of the crowd”. It is one of the most effective levers a business has for building trust.

Social proof works because it validates a choice, saying that it’s worth your time, money, or interest by using other people as proof.

Recent sales notifications capture that phenomenon and puts it on your website by showing visitors little notifications of who has recently purchased your products.


What you’ll get

  • Recent sales notifications installed on your website
  • Powerful “social proof” psychology working to establish trust with your customers

What we’ll need

  • Once you order this task we’ll need access to your website

 Best used by

  • Any business wanting to get more customers from their website




Business Days
2-3 days
Task is available for WordPressTask is available for Shopify
Payment Options
100% Secure
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