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Setup Rich Snippet Schema Markup on Website

Increase clicks and make your search results on Google more eye catching with Rich Snippet Scehma

Rich Snippets (also known as “Rich Results”) are normal Google search results with additional data displayed. This extra data is usually pulled from Structured Data found in a page’s HTML.

There are few types of rich snippets you can setup for google search engine, and those are:
- Reviews: Displays a star rating (out of 5). Can be an individual reviewer or aggregate reviews from users.
- Recipes: A special type of Structured Data that only applies to recipes. Recipe markup includes data like time to prepare the dish, reviews and recipe images.
- Music: Gives Google info on music, like album release dates.
- Product Markup: Gives search engines information about a specific product (including price and product images).
- Organization: Helps Google understand key information on an organization (like a business), including address, logo and contact information).
- Events: Includes information on dates, times, location and more.

Rich results or snippets stand out from the other snippets. They look much nicer and you’ll instantly know more, just by looking at them. You’ll know whether other people liked "the ice cream recipe" and how long it’ll take you to make it.

Rich snippets are snippets that have a higher click-through rate. People just prefer to click on the results that give them more information.


What you’ll get

  • Eye catching search result listing for your website

What we’ll need

  • Once you order this task we’ll need access to your website

 Best used by

  • Any business wanting to capture more attention in Google search results


Business Days
3-5 days
Task is available for Google
Payment Options
100% Secure
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