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Optimize Facebook Business Page

Increase your social reach with an optimized business Facebook page

We will professionally optimize your Facebook Business page.

It’s vital to have your Facebook Business Page correctly optimized with some SEO best practices in order to maximize conversions.

There is a correlation between a well-developed social presence and your search rankings and in the end, a Facebook Business Page becomes a “second home page” for your online business.

Some of the things we will do:

- Help you choose the right name for best seo performance
- Customize your vanity url
- Completely feel out your profile
- "Sprinkle" your business page with the right keywords
- Setup Call To Action Buttons
- Setup Auto Responses for Messenger
- Setup Payments via Facebook
- Configure Saved Replies
and much more.

Having an optimized Facebook Business Page also helps in positioning your page in the search results.


What you’ll get

  • An optimised Facebook business page

What we’ll need

  • Company Address, Phone Number
  • Company About Us Text
  • Working Hours
  • Any other information you would like included on your Facebook page

 Best used by

  • Any business wanting an optimized Facebook page


Business Days
3-4 days
Task is available for Facebook
Payment Options
100% Secure
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