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Create & Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

Our team will create and submit your sitemap to all major search engines

A sitemap (also called an ‘XML sitemap’) is a file that none of your human visitors will ever see. It’s marked for ‘search engine eyes only’, and lists out every page on your site. As it turns out, this simple file is an enormously valuable tool.

The Benefits of Using a Sitemap:

Technically, you don’t need a sitemap. At the rate Googlebot (and other search engine bots) work, it will no doubt find and index your site on its own, but it might take a lot of time for that to happen. However when it happens, that doesn’t guarantee it will see everything you want it to know.

A sitemap alleviates that concern, by accomplishing two primary tasks:
1. It’s made up of a list of all the pages on your site so Googlebot will be sure to find and explore everything.
2. A sitemap includes ‘metadata’ – or contextualizing information about each page. This data tells the bots how pages are organized and related to each other, when they were last updated, and so on.

Sitemaps are essential for ensuring that Googlebot and other Search Engine Bots / Crawlers sees all the content you have to offer, and understands how it’s organized.

We will create your sitemap and submit it to the most popular search engines.


What you’ll get

  • A sitemap for your website which we will then submit to various search engines like Google so they can know about all the pages on your website and help searchers (your potential customers) find them

What we’ll need

  • Once you order this task we’ll need access to your website

 Best used by

  • Any business wanting to make sure all their content is indexed by sites like Google


Business Days
2-3 days
Task is available for WordPressTask is available for Shopify
Payment Options
100% Secure
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