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Add Notification Bar

Easily notify your visitors to important information

This system will help you restrict certain products to certain countries. Which means, if you have products that you Do Not want to be available for purchase to specific countries, it will restrict or hide them.

It can also be used to create Country Catalogs. You can geo-localize your eCommerce Store and offer different products based on the country of the user.


What you’ll get

  • A system that enables you to restrict access and purchase of certain products or product categories to select countries

What we’ll need

  • Once you order this task we’ll need access to your website

 Best used by

  • Businesses that might not have the legal rights to sell into certain countries
  • Businesses that need the legal protection of only selling to certain countries


Business Days
2-3 days
Task is available for WordPressTask is available for Shopify
Payment Options
100% Secure
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Add Notification Bar
Add Notification Bar
Easily notify your visitors to important information

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